Monday, March 13, 2017

Experimenting With Circles

Circles here
Circles there
Circles, circles everywhere. 
Little ones made of paper
Watery pink circles viewed from above. 
I have a thing for circles. 
It might be circle love. 


  1. I remember well of your 365 days-project!! I have a thing for circles too!!
    :-) mano

    1. Yes, I often see your love for circles in your work.
      Thanks for remembering Mano! I keep those Circle Journals on the shelf in my studio where I can easily get inspired to create more circles.

  2. I can see this is not your post for rituals and routines. But it is still fun and i like considering how you love circles.

    1. Thanks, Tammie. The rituals were scheduled to be posted on Friday but somehow I messed up. Probably too much rushing around getting ready for my weekend away to see the boys and their very tired mom!